Terry Van Duyn, NC State Senate – Western North Carolina’s voice for public education, our environment and access to healthcare.

Stand With Terry

As your newly-elected Senator in the General Assembly representing Buncombe County, I am honored to serve you. Each time I enter the Senate chamber, I remember Senator Martin Nesbitt and his mountain values. During my 20 years of working for Buncombe County as a community member, I have seen so many of our citizens dedicated to the same values Senator Nesbitt championed. Whether its attracting living wage jobs, advocating for education, or protecting our environment, I believe community members are united in what makes our little slice of North Carolina such a great place to live.

As the oldest of 8 children and the first member of my family to go to college, I credit all of my success to the educational opportunities I was given and the strong work ethic modeled by my parents. I believe in the American dream and I am the product of that dream. Each day I remember where I came from and I am committed to ensuring others have access to the same opportunities I benefitted from.

After being part of the 2014 North Carolina General Assembly session, I know we have a long road to restoring North Carolina to the state that was known as “the beacon of the South.” But I can’t do it without your help. Please consider donating or volunteering with my campaign. And most importantly, please vote. Bring your families, friends, and neighbors to vote with you. We need your voices heard in Buncombe County and in Raleigh so that our state government represents the values of its constituents.

I promise to be accessible, accountable and informed. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback about how I can better serve Buncombe County.

Thank you,